CADJPro is a solutions based service for business payroll, offering virtual outsourcing and implementation of new payroll services. A top rated firm, CADJPro helps business owners maneuver the economic complexities of running payroll and remain compliant while avoiding the intricacies involved.

    Our focus is to provide a positive experience, error free payroll, allowing organizations to focus on their day to day business and enjoy less complaints from employees about incorrect payroll.

    Our values

    We’re dedicated to making sure your employees are paid correctly and on time, every time.
    Payroll can sometimes be complex. At CADJPro we pride ourselves on having a reliable reputation, ensuring that our clients know we can always “take care it.”
    Our team of expert payroll professionals are dedicated to ensuring that your business will no longer hear complaints about inaccurate pay. We want your business to operate smoothly and stress-free.

    Why choose us?

    We Understand
    CADJPro’s CEO Garcia Hanson-Francis has spent over a decade in the industry, perfecting her skills and understand the intricacies of small business pay before launching a business of her own.
    Certified Experience
    CADJPro strictly operates under Canadian payroll laws to ensure accuracy and reliability. Proper certification is key when hiring our payroll professionals.
    Passion for Sucess
    CADJPro is a privately owned, female-run business with a desire to help other businesses run smoothly and efficiently through virtual payroll.
    With such busy construction projects on the go, our employees get paid on time and deadlines are always met, keeping us on track.
    CADJPro has handled all of our paperwork for our employees and time entries for their payroll. We’re happy that our remittances get submitted on time. Very knowledgeable staff!

    Message From Our CEO

    It is a basic human right that every single person gets paid properly for their hard work.

    From over a decade of experience working in human resources, payroll, and benefits and accounting, I have seen time and time again the importance of both the trust between employee and employer and the necessity for a smooth payment process within a company.

    It’s clear that a trusting and efficient work environment is key for any functioning business.

    That’s where the idea of CADJPro came from.

    At CADJPro, we value honesty, tolerance, and transparency between every client and their employee. We have a vision for unproblematic and error-free payroll systems that help businesses operate as usual by offering virtual outsourcing and constant contact.

    From helping small businesses get off the ground, to supporting female entrepreneur’s we are dedicated to strengthening the trust between employer and employee while implementing a stress-free payment process.

    Payroll doesn’t have to be hard, reach out to my experienced team of passionate helpers to ensure that your business runs smoothly.