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Payroll and HR Services Offered in Toronto

Payroll processing requires professional payroll experts and their time which can be very costly for some companies. CADJ Pro Payroll Solutions allows you to keep your current software or implement a new system and have your payroll managed virtually. Through an agreement, CADJ Pro allow organizations to bring their administrative payroll task while the company can stay fully operational in the ever changing “expanding economy”

When you outsource to CADJ Pro payroll, you are taking the right step to reduce processing, minimize payroll errors and streamline your operational processes. Outsourcing services includes

  • Setting up of New hires, Terminations, Leave of Absence, and etc.
  • Direct Deposit and electronic pay statements for employees
  • Payroll calculations, cheque printing, remittances to external agencies and delivery of client reports
  • Processing of Federal/ Support payments, external garnishment and remittance to third party vendors
    Management report processing
  • General Ledger uploads and payroll account reconciliations
  • Administration of rejected and replacement cheques, stop payment procedures and earning & deduction codes update