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Welcome to CADJPRO Payroll Solutions

CADJPro payroll services provides VIRTUAL outsourcing of your current payroll and/or implementation of a new payroll service. We help business owners stay compliant and avoid the intricacies of payroll and economical complexity of running payroll.

Our focus is to provide a positive experience, error free payroll, allowing organizations to focus on their day to day business and enjoy less complains from employee’s about incorrect payroll.

  • No More Headaches
  • Certified Professionals
  • More Time For Bussiness
  • Happy Employees


CADJPRO payroll solutions are certified payroll professionals processing payroll out of Ontario. We are privately owned and operating under the compliance of Canadian Payroll laws. Our payroll service model brings together your data from all modules to effectively and accurately process your payroll on time and error free. Employees will enjoy a secure web-enabled access to view tax forms and pay statements 24 hours a day.
We pride ourselves on delivering seamless, accurate and on time payroll services. We commit fully in taking care of our customers and ensuring that their needs are met. Our payroll software can be conveniently accessed from any web-enabled device without the need of downloading a separate app.

What does Payroll mean to an organization and what is our commitment to our clients...

Outsourcing your payroll to us will take some of the workload off your plate, by putting it in the hands of certified payroll professionals. This will get you out of the way of calculating pay cheques manually and free up your valuable time for more important tasks. Rather than hiring new payroll staff every so often to take on this work, a team of skilled professionals becomes your virtual HR and payroll department which will help to get wearisome responsibilities off your plate but more into the hands of certified professionals who specialize in those areas. As you may know, the demands on your time will only increase as the business continues to grow and therefore you need to spend hours on efforts that relate directly to growing your business, not on time consuming back office jobs like Payroll and HR.


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Payroll processing requires professional payroll experts and their time which can be very costly for some companies. CADJ Pro Payroll Solutions allows you to keep your current software or implement a new system and have your payroll managed virtually. Through an agreement, CADJ Pro allow organizations to bring their administrative payroll task while the company can stay fully operational in the ever changing "expanding economy"

When you outsource to CADJ Pro payroll, you are taking the right step to reduce processing, minimize payroll errors and streamline your operational processes. Outsourcing services includes

  • Setting up of New hires, Terminations, Leave of Absence, and etc.
  • Direct Deposit and electronic pay statements for employees
  • Payroll calculations, cheque printing, remittances to external agencies and delivery of client reports
  • Processing of Federal/ Support payments, external garnishment and remittance to third party vendors
  • Management report processing
  • General Ledger uploads and payroll account reconciliations
  • Administration of rejected and replacement cheques, stop payment procedures and earning & deduction codes update

We provide many cycled and year end services once the payroll is processed

  • Full online access to your payroll software, EFT deposits, custom & standardized reports and service charges
  • Payroll register displaying employee earnings & deduction breakdown
  • Job Costing report if applicable
  • Payroll Processing calendar
  • Remittance details for employee and employer taxes to be remitted
  • Payroll Audit Administration if applicable

Year End

  • Pension Adjustments
  • T4’s and RL’s
  • WSIB, CSST, EHT reconciliation


  • Process and maintain employee benefit coverage changes
  • Administer applicable payroll deductions
  • Monthly Billing payment submission to vendor
  • Employee benefits analysis quotes

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With such busy construction project on the go, our employees get paid on time and deadlines are always met, that is key for our company.

Ms. Angelina

CADJ Pro has handle all our paperwork, time entry and we were happy that our remittances gets submitted on time, Knowledgeable staff.

Mr. Anthony


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